What-If? In the Days When the Tiger Smoked
collaboration with Torsten Zenas Burns
prints & sculptural relief prints

A series of prints were produced from production and video stills that were in tandem with the world of What If? In the Days When the Tiger Smoked.  Two longer prints explore another form of storytelling through ambiguous hieroglyphic forms and re-imagined portraiture.  
Probability Song, 12 x 35”
(Quad) Genatalia Swap, 12x16”
B.O.V.A., 15 x 13"
South Korean Trans-Vehicles, 12 x 16”
3rd Arm Choreographies, 16x12”
Artificial Inflatables, 12x16”
Burial Mound Multiverse (Gyeongju), 10x66”
Synthezoid & Spider, 12 x 16”
Carnalove Workshop, 12 x 16”
Orlan SK Poly-Suits, 12 x 35”
Connecticut River Date, 12 x 16”
Plastinoids Quad Cluster, 13 x 30”
Jeju-do Cluster Ball, 12 x 16”
Taejongdae Multiverse (Busan), 10 x 68”
WundagoreSpa, 12 x 16”
What-if? Watcher, 12 x 16”
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