still from What If? collaboration with Torsten Zenas Burns
15:20 minute video

A role-playing workshop where participants reenact a fictional polyamorous romance leads to a group wedding and honeymoon between characters based upon two obscure Marvel superheroes and two internationally renowned art personalities. The happy foursome are Stelarc, an artist whose cybernetic mission in life is to render the body obsolete; Orlan, an artist whose actual redefinition of her own body via plastic surgery confronts representations of woman throughout art history; the Scarlet Witch, a mutant superhero who has unlimited powers over probability, and the Vision, a “synthezoid” whose mechanically fabricated body contains a human soul.  What If? unfolds the entangled story that brought this romantic foursome together spanning the gulf between genders and representations; the body and technology. 
What If? screened at several venues including The European Media Arts Festival, Osnabrueck, Germany; The Chicago Underground Film Festival; MIX New York Queer Experimental Film Festival, and Migrating Forms Festival, New York, NY.
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