Wassaic Wall
HD projection with objects on wall, 9-minute seamless loop
Wassaic Wall was a response to occupying a studio space that was divided by a wall in its center during a residency at Wassaic Project's Luther Barn in Upstate, NY. The site-specific work is also a manifest grappling upon object oriented ontology and its contemplation of the mesh underlying both living and non-living things. The image mapped wall is intercepted by objects found in and around the space and at a recently visited ecological dumping ground called Dead Horse Bay in Brooklyn, which friends endearing call “garbage beach.” Other items include a failed stereoscopic sculptural prototype and a rubber ear used in training acupuncturist. A series of slate shelves supports these clusters of objects and, in one case, a large beam that lies at an obtuse angle. The tradition of still life is complicated by projected renderings of these tableaus with animated 3-D scans revealing their underlying structures as projections of the actual wall itself commingles with rotating scans of my Wassaic sleeping quarters. The shadows of the actual objects become difficult to decipher amongst the shadows projected onto the walled surface as the physical and ephemeral amalgamate. 
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