Still from Take Breath is Breath (Breathe)

Take Breath is Breath (Breathe), 4K video, 9 min. 30 sec.
At the heart of this exploration in search of the backyard sublime, lies a spoken word delivery derived from pop songs that in some way find love’s equivalence in air or breath. The cut-up method was used to rearrange the lyrics which are performed through an effects amp reverberating each word with an ominous echo. Protective bubbles and negative feedback loops are employed as navigational techniques to move through the barrage of sound and image. Most of the words and appropriated lyrics are closed captioned as are the background sounds as the video progresses.

Summer Solitude Outside in (Breathe Diptych), 20” x 60” photographic diptych

Stills from Take Breath is Breath (Breathe)

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