mixed media installation of several sculptures and wall reliefs
Left to right: Untitled (rope), foam, tabletop, rope, 180 x 192 x 12”; Untitled (gutter), wood, wax, gutters, funnel, 100 x 12 x 30”; Silver Linings, metal, Styrofoam, chair, cushion, and piping, 66 x 66 x 51”; Untitled (sponge), foam, leather, sponge, 54 x 74 x 2”
Silver Linings
Untitled (rope)
Untitled (openings), entrance wall embellished with plastic hooks and eye holes that look into the interior of the wall itself 
Soft Pong, tables, foam, fake fur, synthetic fabric, net, 38x90x16”
left to right: Untitled (bone), 34 x 74 x 2”; Dead Beaver, fake fur, strap, 22 x 10 x 6”; Untitled (dog chow), aluminium table, rug, wood paneling, metal frame, 53 x 27 x 5”; Intersected Closet Doors Inverted, closet doors, hardware, 96 x 30 x 30”; Flesh Pour Space Heater, dyed fabric, paint on wall heater, timer, 72 x 58 x 2”
Flesh Pour Space Heater
Untitled (stream), foam (soft and hard), wood, needles, plumbing hardware, rope, 74x50x9”
Untitled (two straps), tabletop, straps, and buckles, 48x48x2”
in foreground Clogged, gutter elbows, dimensions variable though this one is 40x33x30”; on walls from left to right: Passage, door, wood paneling, and fan, 79x30x3”; Untitled (socket), foam, plastic, pins, sockets and bulb, 32x22x6”; Untitled (stream), two kinds of foam, paper, pins, plumbing hardware, wood and rope, 86x74x6”; Blue Box Open, foam, wood, wood paneling, hardware, 58x28x34”
Clogged (detail)
Blue Box Open
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