17:20 minute video
Monograph in Stereo employs documentary and experimental strategies to convey a struggle with congenital and operational hearing loss and tinnitus, a continual ringing in the ear; a phantom auditory perception.  The work also stems from research upon the interdependency of the senses with an emphasis on the balance ascertained from binaural hearing and stereoscopic vision and the imbalance caused by their uneven degradation.  Images move amongst poetic reverberations of landscapes, interiors and audiological exam rooms.  The second video in a trilogy of single-channel works on hearing loss.
“The film makes clear that the experience of having to relearn how to hear teaches one that perception is not simply a passive act of apprehending what is around one, but is a complex negotiation between inner and outer space.” David Finkelstien, Film Threat
Premiered at MoMA's Premieres series and has been screened at several venues including Chicago Underground Film Festival, PDX Festival, Pacific Film Archive, Aurora Picture Show, Recontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, ZKM/Center for Art and Mediatechnology.
Monograph in Stereo
print series, Untitled (1 through 26), 36 x 24” each
A series of prints derived from the video of the same name. Each print has been assigned a relationship to language via its title.  For example, the first is named Untitled (a of 26); the second is Untitled (b of 26), etc.  While the forms relationships to language are somewhat arbitrary, it is an attempt to ascribe them with meaning beyond the obvious attribution to sculpture or architecture. 
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