Learning Stalls: modular syllabi and organic exchange
collaboration with Torsten Zenas Burns
23 minute video
Learning Stalls: modular syllabi and organic exchange is a unique edit of Burn’s and Martin’s epic Learning Stalls: Lesson Plans, which utilizes video as a trans-disciplinary curriculum exploring diverse speculative fictions and reimagined educational practices.  Psychic surgery meets physical therapy as matter and anti-matter merge under the choreographed supervision of other worldly beings.  In the search for new mind/body experiences, Burns, Martin and other workshop participants enact paranormal interactions, intersexual dynamics, pseudo-testing methods, and staged quasi-therapy sessions. 
Learning Stalls: modular syllabi and organic exchange made its premier at Cinematexas where it won a Special Jury Award.  Spencer Parsons called it, “A multi-disciplinary, transplanar curriculum grid onto which Burns and Martin project exploding emissions and wireframe-enhanced psychic surgeries to demonstrate an altogether new educational paradigm for philosophical and physiological inquiry based on total graphic agitation and super-sized Gymboree. Class meets anytime anyplace anywhere any way.”  
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