10:30 minute video
Beginning with a written description of Mike Kuchar’s film of the same name scrolled over images, which counter the text, Fragments explores the fracture of attention.  Disjointed architectural ruins, neoclassical embellishments, sculptural remains, and foam detritus are infused with sounds of ubiquitous technologies that permeate the everyday as the video builds into a song of temporality and permanence.  Fragments is as much a meditation on the ruins of ancient civilizations as it is homage to telephones and tourist slide shows. 
Appeared with sound augmented by audience participation at Video Art Salon curated by Evie Leder in San Francisco, and, as work in progress, at Aurora Picture Show, Houston, TX.  Also screened at other venues including Migrating Forms 2011 and Big Muddy Film Festival 34, where it won Honorable Mention in the Experimental Video category. 
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