"Aviatrixs" (sic) is an installation in the shape of a nose-less biplane with the internet at a displaced cockpit in its tail end.  Two side monitors play audio and video loops at its wings. A series of slides are projected at the front of the structure looping a barnstormer falling and rising on the wing of a plane.  One could walk into the structure through the image and due to the tappering of the interior, as they walk forward, their shadow cast a similar figure upon the projected image. The video is processed archival newsreel footage of barnstormers and female aviatrixes.  The website was altered reconstructions of emergency procedure methods commonly found in airplance seat pockets.  Labeled with familiar relations and navigational cues the user would either come across dead-end methphors of a crash or experience gifs of a two men playing the childhood game of airplane in their underwear.  The installation allowed the user to wonder off onto other websites but would always bring them back to the site built for the installation every so often.  
Aviatrixs (sic) exhibited at Media Arts Biennale in Wroclaw, Poland. 
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