Still from installation Along the Perimeter

Current: An installation of Along the Perimeter is on view at Saint Joseph's Art Society of San Francisco in collaboration with Telematic Media Arts through April 5, 2023. Regular viewing hours are M-F 10am-5pm. 
Upcoming: Along the Perimeter will be premiering as a live performance turned into an installation as part of the Ann Arbor Film Festival's Off the Screen series. The live cinema performance on March 21st will be recorded and then presented as an installation throughout the remainder of the festival through March 26th. 
I will be presenting (Mis)Reading the Image: Selections by Darrin Martin a video screening curation in collaboration with Electronic Arts Intermix, looking at their collection through the lens of accessibility and disability representation. RSVP at link above. Screening and discussion to follow will be at their location, 264 Canal Street, #3W, New York City, on March 30th at 7pm.  A free, closed-captioned online streaming version of this event will be available in mid-April.  
Honored to be chosen as one of the artist to participate in the Artist in Residence Program at Recology San Francisco. Residency to begin in the summer session beginning in June 2023. 
Ongoing: The video Every (Movie, Sound, Image, Text) on my cell phone is currently on-line as part of the program Digital Amnesia curated by Montse Pujol Solà on the Impakt Channel. 
Torsten Zenas Burns and my vilm The Abominable Freedom has been released as a limited edition VHS complete with zine by Random Man Editions
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